So you know why we do what we do here at Lumberjill, but you may be wondering why we do it with wood.  Undoubtedly, wood is the most under-appreciated materials used for making sex toys and many aren’t even aware that you can safely make sex toys from it.  However, the first sex toys in human history were made of wood and stone, so the idea of sex toys made from natural materials is nothing new.  What? You thought sex toys were invented when we figured magic bullet vibrators and plastic? Masturbatin’ ain’t nothin’ new, baby!

But they used those materials because that’s what was available at the time.  We have electronics, silicone and all other manner of other material to choose from these days, so what does wood have to offer?  I’m glad you asked!

Natural:  With the alarming number of companies not openly admitting to making their toys from harmful materials, more and more people are seeking out materials they feel safe using.  A well made wooden toy (just like the ones we offer!) is completely body friendly and you know what’s in it! No mystery here.  It’s definitely wood!

Healing:  Wood has been used through millennia in natural healing methods and spiritual practices.  It can be charged with spiritual energy for a number of applications.  Just imagine how effective a sex toy charged with positive energy could make you feel!

Eco-friendly:  Being that it’s made of wood, no harmful byproducts are created in producing these beauties.  It’s safe for you and safe for the planet!  The only thing left by the time we’re done is a big pile of wood shavings which are collected and used in gardens and various yard projects.   Doesn’t having a green orgasm sound sexy?  Ok, maybe not.  An environmentally responsible orgasm! Yeah, that’s better!

Feel:  Similar to glass and metal toys, wood has a solid feel to it, but those toys have a lifeless chill about them.  Wood, on the other hand, possesses a warmth other materials can’t match, making it remarkably inviting to use.  Wooden toys can also be remarkably light in weight, allowing you to play longer without  the fatigue you might normally  experience with more dense materials.

One of a kind:  While we love creating custom ordered creations by request, the ready made items we keep in stock are one of a kind too!  We aren’t cranking these out of a machine, folks.  Every piece of wood is different, and every toy is carved by hand.  There will never be two toys that are exactly alike and why should there be? You deserve to have something all to yourself!