Support Lumberjill on Patreon!

So yeah, I made a Patreon.  I know everyone and their mom has one and I hate to go with the crowd usually, but Patreon is a great platform for artists such as myself to get support directly from those who appreciate our work the most and connect directly with our supporters.  I also know there are many who appreciate what I do but aren’t looking to get a wooden sextoy or find some of my prices to be out of their budget.

Patreon makes it easy to support Lumberjill with whatever amount you feel comfortable giving.  Even as much as $1 contributes to Lumberjill’s growth and success and is just as appreciated.  Your pledges help me get better equipment, save for a better place to work, improve my site, packaging, marketing, and a whole host of other things Lumberjill desperately needs.  So please head over to and help out as much as you can.  If you can’t pledge any money, I would just appreciate it if you’d share my link and get others involved.

Thank you for all of your help and support! I can’t wait to show you all what I have in store for Lumberjill!