Pre-orders and Payment Plans Now Available!

As you likely know by now, a lot of my time and energy gets put into coming up with more designs and producing the highest quality products that I humanly can.  As much as this is a passion for me, however, this is also a business and my goal is to figure out not only how to create better pleasure for my customers, but how to improve service as well.  Aside from the large batch of new and exciting things coming to the storefront, this has also been something that’s been heavy on my mind.

Going into my 3rd year of operation has been thinking of ways I can better run Lumberjill and really make this work best for you and for me.  That’s why I’m announcing that pre-orders as well as payment plans will now be available to customers!

Lumberjill is not a mass production company.  The work I do is either custom or semi-custom and being such, I felt that implementing option to pre-order would be appropriate.  This allows my customers the ability to secure an example of a design they desire without having to worry about availability and tell me which designs they are most interested in all while helping me better gauge interest, establish pricing, and focus my resources where they are required most.  Designs available for pre-order will have “(Pre-order)” in the title so you can’t miss them!  I will still be creating some inventory as well for those not interested in pre-orders, but there will not me a huge inventory. Still, I like to keep something on the shelves, you know!

Whenever something is handmade, it’s just going to cost more and I fully understand that the associated cost can keep some from experiencing what Lumberjill has to offer.  I want to live up to the “Pleasure to the People” mantra and make it so that no matter what your financial situation, you too can get wood!  Payment plans are nothing new, but they have made a comeback in recent years and I feel that those interested in purpose a handmade wooden piece from my shop would benefit.  Plans can be discussed privately and tailored to meet your needs, so please feel free to send me a message so we can work something out.

I sincerely hope that both of this new services allow more of you lovely individuals to experience the warmth and handcrafted goodness of Lumberjill’s pleasure sculptures.  Flexibility just makes things better.  I’d rather leave the rigidness to the wood 😉