Lumberjill Leisurecrafts Cinder

With so many people being introduced to wooden sextoys for the very first time when they discover Lumberjill Leisurecrafts, it’s very important that they find something they’d like to try for a price they feel comfortable with.  With wooden sextoys, it’s often a matter of cost because handmade things don’t typically come cheap and when they do, quality pays the price.  Lumberjill seeks to produce quality products at every price point and has proven just that with the very popular and affordable Don’t Stop model, but leaving well enough alone just isn’t good enough.

That’s why Lumberjill Leisurecrafts proudly presents the Cinder handmade wooden dildo!  Cinder is defined as something used to start fires and this new budget-minded model aims to do that in the minds and nether regions of anyone who gives it a go!


Cinder was designed to bridge the gap between Lumberjill’s Don’t Stop and Rush models after retiring the beloved Right Way model. The idea was to create a new toy that had the same overall length and girth as the outgoing model, but in a design that was easier, faster and more consistent to produce.  This also meant it could be offered at a lower price, giving those wanting a more substantial toy than Don’t Stop a solid choice without having to look at higher priced models for the satisfaction they were looking for.  The result is a clean elegant design that first time wooden sextoy buyers will feel comfortable with when it comes to purchase and playtime.

The shape of Cinder was inspired by feminine curves and sports an abstract depiction of an hourglass figure. It measures 6″ in overall length with nearly 5″ of usable length, and 1.5″ wide at the thickest part of the gradually tapered swell.  It then pinches in dramatically at the “waist” before ending in a simple ergonomic teardrop grip that provides ample real estate for a secure hold.

At a price of just $27.95, Cinder provides a quality handmade piece of pure wooden pleasure without setting your sextoy budget ablaze.  These first examples will be offered in black cherry wood and in plain texture to keep the price low as well as to gauge feedback on the base model.  Cinder has plenty of room to grow in the future with nearly endless combinations of woods, colors, textures, and engravings which will become available depending on its success when it officially launches in mid-March 2017.


If you’re interested in reserving a first run Cinder before they go on sale, please contact me at my Etsy store and let me know!