Lumberjill 2017 Update

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted anything here and I really hate that. I’ve been so occupied making products that I’ve hardly had time to update this site as regularly as I’d like, but I do have plenty of news to share and it’s all good!
Yes! Outstanding quality sextoy retailer placed a small order with me in late 2016 that I’m nearly ready to deliver to them and I couldn’t be more excited! operates ethically and prides themselves on only carrying top quality body safe toys. Being approached by them is a huge honor, especially considering they only carry one other wooden sextoy brand in their online store. Please support even if you don’t buy one of my products, but buying my products from them will support them too!

A big part of the reason I’ve been so quiet with the updates is because you all have been keeping the custom orders coming! It’s been a non-stop train of bespoke individualized custom designs since around August 2016 and I appreciate each and every one of them! Being trusted with all your wooden sextoy dreams is rewarding and humbling, and I look forwarding to continuing this service although there may be a slight hiatus coming in the near future in order to handle other aspects of my business.

Sometime in late February 2017, PlayboyTV will be coming to my home to film an episode of a new show that is all about sextoys. I’m still having trouble processing this one because it’s just too damn awesome! So as I work to make my workspace a bit more presentable before the filming takes place, I will probably have a bit more going on on my social media accounts (although for some reason, Tumblr isn’t letting me upload stuff -_-). But yeah…wow! Really excited and nervous about this one, but what a fantastic opportunity to show people just how good wood can be!

New Models!
With all of this other activity going on, I haven’t had much time to work on the new designs I planned on launching this year. They are still up for production, but obviously production has been pushed back until I clear my custom queue. That said, I have still been working on them when I can and the first new model you will see is slated to come in at a very affordable price!

So please stay tuned for all the new things coming this year and thanks for your continued support!